AED 999


This session will teach you how to control the power of your Dodge. ‘Throttle control’ and ‘Steering’ are key in maintaining control of your Dodge when experiencing loss of traction during a slide.


A ‘Slalom’ is a course in which you zigzag between obstacles. The purpose of the Slalom is to force you to make a split-second reaction and negotiate a quick, evasive lane-change without losing control.


Braking is a key element of driving technique. Experience braking distances and learn how to control your Dodge under sudden stop conditions. Our professional instructors will be beside you every step of the way and will be on-hand to guide you throughout the Masterclass.

Get the know-how, get certified, welcome to the world of Dodge Masterclass.

This is where power, muscle and technique are shared with fellow Dodge enthusiasts. The essence of the Dodge Masterclass is to offer advanced driving courses to help people experience the performance and power of Dodge. Under the guidance of professional instructors, you will MASTER THREE ADVANCED DRIVING TECHNIQUES whilst also gaining first-hand knowledge of Dodge’s all-muscle lineup. Come, shift into action and learn to tame your beast.

What to expect:

  • Introduction to the Dodge Muscle Experience.
  • 3 car control techniques to master.
  • Instructor will fit you with a helmet and balaclava.
  • Professional instructors.
  • Experience valid for 12 months.

    -   13 years and over.

    -   Height 152 - 200 cm

    -   Weight 125 kg

*Additional Terms and Conditions apply